Submarine S 13

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A review of subjects to be covered under the S 13 topic

Captain Marinesko: a biography:

The early years
Naval career

War Record of the M 96 and S 13

Logged activities of U-boat M 96 and Capt Marinesko
Record for U-boat S 13

Captain Marinesko and the NKVD [ KGB ]

New information surfaces
An ace submariner ends up in the Gulag
How it came about
The Swedish "T-Office
The January 1945 incident
Enter Mr. Algot Niska
Per Olof Ekman, Niska and Marinesko
How Ekman met Alexander Marinesko
His trial after the war
The sentence
Release from the Gulag
His rehabilitation

The Stockholm's Tidningen Article

The Original Article
The Article in Naval Museum St. Petersburg
Who was the author? It's significance

Who is the `real' Captain Marinesko

Room Number 8 Naval Museum St. Petersburg
Exclusive photo of Captain Marinesko
How it was obtained

A cruel twist of fate:

The S 13 was a German-designed submarine

The sinking of the Swedish Liner Hansa

The facts
Testimonial from a survivor
Photos of the wreck and artifacts

What if Capt Marinesko had followed orders?

At time of attack, the S 13 was not where it was ordered to be!

Operation Hannibal - Jan - May 1945

The largest evacuation exercise in modern times

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